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SEED PIERCE-Small (Single)

SEED PIERCE-Small (Single)

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Earrings inspired by a certain imaginary seed

A simple design that fits into your daily style with a light feel

Single sale for one ear

SILVER - Silver 925 (Recycled)

GOLD - Silver 925 (Recycled) + 18K Gold Plated 

Made in Japan


*We use Refine Metal, a recycled precious metal certified by the Japan Refine Metal Association.

Refined metals are precious metals from urban mines and reused.

The useful metal resources contained in discarded mobile phones, personal computers, etc. are called "urban mines," and it is said that Japan has reserves equivalent to those of other resource-rich countries in the world. Metals collected from urban mines go through a process called "refining" to remove mixtures and transform them into pure gold and silver. Recycled precious metals, once refined, are visually indistinguishable from mines.

The REFINE METAL PROJECT aims to increase awareness and dissemination of “Refine Metal,” a sustainable and traceable jewelry material derived from urban mines, and is working to bring transparency to the previously opaque precious metal distribution.

*受注生産 / made to order *

一部在庫がある場合がありますが、すべてのデザインは注文を受けてから制作をし、4~6 週間程でのお届けになります。


5/8 uses Japanese sizes. Please use the size chart as a guide. 
A feeling of wearing may vary according to a design
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